Helen Rutherford

Year of call 2010


Helen is experienced in all areas of civil work and accepts instructions in a broad range of cases. She is particularly interested and experienced in equine and animal law.

Helen is instructed for both Claimants and Defendant and has a thriving practice across all areas of civil law. Lay clients find she is friendly and approachable and she  appreciates the importance of ensuring that they, the lay client, understand their own case, the law which affects it and the litigation process, even if the same is complex.

Helen is a keen horse rider and regularly competes in affiliated dressage with her horse, Albert. She has also obtained a number of equine qualifications through both the BHS and the ABRS, as well as a certificate in equine nutrition.

In her spare time, if work and horse commitments permit, Helen enjoys travelling, live music (generally in Spanish) and occasionally playing polo.

Helen Rutherford


By Helen Rutherford

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