Jane Cross QC

Year of call 1982


Jane is highly experienced family advocate who is adept in managing the most complex and demanding cases. She has developed a reputation for skilled cross examination and forceful submission. Her forensic skills are complemented by meticulous preparation and attention to detail and by her persuasive advocacy. Her particular interest in cases involving the death and serious abuse of children reflects her ability to master complex medical evidence and her critical analysis of legal and factual issues.  

Jane is also experienced in cases of serious maltreatment and neglect, including cases of sexual and inter-generational sexual abuse, child rape, fabricated and induced illness and emotional abuse and neglect. She is skilled in the questioning of vulnerable children and adults who lack capacity. Her diverse style and flexible approach gives her the ability to represent local authorities, children and parents with equanimity and her ability to adapt and to meet the challenges that these different perspectives demand, means that she is experienced in the management and presentation of all aspects of public law work.    

Jane has an interest in the law relating to vulnerable adults, particularly in the jurisdictions of mental capacity and mental health. She is instructed by the Official Solicitor on behalf of patients and represents other parties, including local authorities, in proceedings under the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court, in the Court of Protection and under the Mental Health Legislation. Her particular interest in the issues of deprivation of liberty and of medical treatment complements her experience in the field of public law child protection. This parallel expertise also underpins her work in the determination of the issues of the capacity and best interests of vulnerable young people aged between sixteen and eighteen. Administrative challenge, particularly in the areas of Community Care and Leaving Care, completes Jane’s profile and she is experienced in advising local authorities and individuals on their rights in these areas.