Jo Shepherd

Year of call 1993


Jo has been instructed in Criminal Courts at all levels up to and including the High Court, Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal.

Jo has wide experience in both Defence and Prosecution - she is a Grade 3 Crown Prosecutor and previously Grade B Prosecutor for HM Revenue & Customs, DTI, Health & Safety Executive and Department of Work & Pensions. 

Jo undertakes all aspects of criminal law matters, with an emphasis on serious crime including Sexual offences and violent offences, motoring and mentally disordered offenders.

Notable Cases

R v Barrington - ex parte Preston Crown Court (Administrative Court - Road traffic appeal on costs from Central funds) [2002]

R v John Mills (Case Stated Appeal in High Court - Road Traffic) [2003]

R v Schafer, Mifsud, Crewe, Scott and Adams (Manchester Crown Court – multi-handed cigarette importation – HM Customs prosecution) [May 2004]

R v Stephen Bowers (Inland Revenue Fraud) – Minshull Street Crown Court- instructed by HM Revenue & Customs [2004]

R v Bolton & others (multi-handed diesel laundering fraud) – Bolton Crown Court – junior for HM Revenue & Customs [2004]

R v Geoffrey Scriven (DTI Prosecution – acting as a director whilst an undischarged bankrupt) – Chester Crown Court [2006]

R v David Lee (Multi-count historical sex case – Defendant with learning disabilities) – Preston Crown Court [2007]

R v Simon Unsworth & Arron Singh (Murder) – Preston Crown Court – junior for the Crown [2007]

R v Roman Ciesielski (assault on dementia patients in a care home) – Liverpool Crown Court [2008]

R v Shaun Skarnes & Another (Infamous “Furry case” - Conspiracy to Murder) – Junior for Defence – Preston Crown Court [2009]

R v Warren Harrop (Appeal against Sentence – Court of Appeal: complemented by the Honourable Mrs Justice Rafferty on both preparation & presentation) [2010]

R v Robin Taylor (Defence in multi-handed Working Tax benefit fraud) – Liverpool Crown Court [2011]

R v Helen Rose & Another (POCA on multi-count mortgage fraud) – Sheffield Crown Court [2011]

R v Carl Heyes & Another (successful Appeal against Conviction) – Court of Appeal [2011]

R v Jonathan Cragg (Liverpool Crown Court – defended police officer charged with misconduct in public office) [2011]

R v Richard Painter & Others (Defence in multi-handed Drug conspiracy) – Preston Crown Court [2011]

R v Graham Lane (£200k Theft from Employer by Wife - Acquitted after trial of money laundering) - Preston Crown Court [2012] 

R v Andrew Bailey (Preston Crown Court – Attempted Murder trial) [2012]

R v (Crown Court  - appeal against sentence - “April Jones troll”) [2012]

R v David Horner (Murder – pleaded to manslaughter) Liverpool Crown Court [2012]

R v Mark Yates (Sexual offences – acquitted after trial) - Bradford Crown Court [2013]

R v Anthony Davies (Attorney-General’s Reference against failure to impose mandatory minimum sentence for 3rd strike burglar (Court of Appeal – Community Order to stand based on Defence’s compliance since sentence) [August 2013]

R v Matthew Winterbottom (serious Sexual offences) – Manchester Crown Court [2013]

R v Melecio Oseo (Sexual offences - acquitted) – Minshull Street Crown Court [2013]

R v Barry Woodhead (serious sexual offences) – Preston Crown Court [2013]