Kristian Cavanagh

Year of call 2007


Kristian joined Zenith Chambers in January 2018. Prior to joining Zenith he was a solicitor advocate for 6 years on both the Northern and North Eastern Circuits and was called to the Bar in 2007.

Kristian has experience of all types of criminal law matters including allegations of significant violence, supplying and cultivating drugs, sexual offences and dishonesty. As a solicitor advocate he also assisted in cases involving allegations of fraud and money laundering.

Litigation Notable Cases

R v Howarth [2016] - Murder where defence explored inability to form intent to kill due to substantial intoxication.

R (on the application of M) v Burnley Magistrates Court 2009 EWHC 2874 (Admin) - Quashing of unlawful Anti Social Behaviour Order.

R v Maw and Wood [2009] - "Townley Park Murder"

R v Miah [2013] EWCA Crim 1891 - Stockbroker charged with conspiracy to defraud, following FSA ban on individual and company from trading for 'boiler house fraud'.

R v McKenna et al [2010] - UEFA Cup final riots following Glasgow Rangers defeat in 2008 UEFA Cup final.

R v O'Hara [2014] - Whole life tariff for defendant convicted of second murder.

Kristian serves as a Professional Standards Setter for the Bar Standards Board dealing with the regulation and examination of student barristers and ensuring legal accuracy and clarity.