Nick Worsley

Year of call 1998


Practice Summary

Nick defends and prosecutes all areas of criminal law with particular experience in violent and sexual offences; drugs, fraud and money laundering.

He has represented police officers, medical staff and members of the armed forces in criminal proceedings, misconduct cases and disciplinary hearings.

Nick has considerable experience in cases involving children – whether as defendants or witnesses.

He has completed training in the Hague as one of panel of co-counsel for the defence to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Nick is named as a Leading Junior in the Legal 500, ‘Very experienced in multi-defendant fraud and drugs conspiracies.’

Areas of Expertise

  • All matters Criminal 
  • Regulatory work 
  • Disciplinary work 
  • Court Martial 
  • Attorney Generals ‘B’ list of advocates 
  • Level 4 prosecutor Rape Panel 
  • Organised Crime Panel 
  • Fraud Panel 
  • Proceeds of Crime Panel


Violence and cases involving Injury

MU – defence – manslaughter and attempting to pervert the course of justice

MS – ‘crash for cash’ conspiracy

MFR – defence – murder [shooting]

Parvez – defence - conspiracy to murder - setting up an execution by shooting

Op Rummingbird – defence junior - attempted murder by entrapment and shooting.

TK – defence - attempted murder of his parents by mentally ill defendant

Wilby – defence - shaken baby case

M – defence - cruelty and neglect allegations against care home staff

Robinson – defence - causing death by dangerous driving

Ahmed – defence - s.18 stabbing

H – defence - alleged assaults by ex-soldier suffering from PTSD – with complex psychiatric and substance abuse issues

Normanton – defence - attempted execution of a ‘fixer’ trying to orchestrate the return   of stolen drugs

Ditta – defence - alleged racist attack on EDL members

Mehbub & others - defence - main accused in multi-handed racial aggravated s.18

Wardle – defence junior - murder

Ayers – prosecution - baby shaking

Anwar & Navsarka - prosecution junior- murder of a baby by her parents

Parker - defence junior – murder - suicidal ideation in victim – somnambulism

Cipans & others – prosecution junior - Eastern European gangsters – murder of gang-master and concealment of his body.

Marshal - defence junior - double murder of drug dealers by their client.


DK – defence – fraud at flagship academy school

FH – defence - £170million ‘vishing’ fraud

AH – defence - complex mortgage fraud and tax evasion

Ali – defence - attempting to pervert the course of justice, money laundering and identity theft

Dunn and others – prosecution - £multi-million duty evasion

Zulqurnain – defence - Insurance fraud, advance fee fraud and misconduct in insolvency proceedings

Goodwick 1 & 2 – prosecution – multi handed fraud and money laundering

Nana – defence – company directors defrauding Royal Mail

Shaffi – defence - trading standards and criminal prosecution – re-categorising category D write-off vehicles as road-worthy and hacking into the insurer’s MIAFTR to amend computer records

Trotter – defence - commercial armed robberies

Upton – prosecution - fraud by accountant against his clients and HMRC.

Iqbal - prosecution – £multi-million HMRC tied oils prosecution and confiscation – cross border - England & N.Ireland.

Page & others - defence - money laundering following on from high value drug dealing

Morgan - defence junior - money laundering following on from £multi-million drug dealing

R v Feezan Hameed & others- Defence Junior for Feezan Hameed- The largest covert proactive operation the Met has ever undertaken against cyber-enabled crime

Sexual offences

Op Kegg – defence - grooming, trafficking and rape

Forsyth – defence – prosecution for sexual offences where the complainant refused to give evidence

Briggs – prosecution - historic sexual offences committed by an international pianist against young boys

Ditta – defence - rape – stranger rape of a student – drunken consent / behaviour of the complainant

Cooke – defence - rape and false imprisonment of a former partner

Alves – defence - rape – complainant suffering from complex psychiatric issues

G - prosecution – recent and historic rapes

W – defence – 14 year old boy alleged to have raped and sexually abused other children aged 4 to 15

Misconduct cases

Khan – defence - misconduct and appropriation of charity assets by assistant executive director

Mahmood – defence - misconduct in public office - UKBA employee – using computer database for improper purpose

JH – defence - police officer – misconduct involving theft, drugs and sexual predation

Kliutiute – defence - nursing home – abuse of resident with dementia

H – defence – misconduct - Police officer unlawfully accessing police computer databases and providing information to a claims handling company.

Wilcox – defence - police officer misconduct – rape – issues surrounding consent and   capacity

S – defence - nurse – historic child cruelty

Hafejee - prosecution - fraud trial of magistrate / charity director


EA and others – prosecution - high value international drug smuggling

K – defence - drugs factory conspiracy

Khan – defence - drugs factory conspiracy involving complex telephone evidence

Zaki – defence - drug importation – issues of duress – family in Pakistan held hostage

Naughton – defence - drugs factory

Operation Godshill – prosecution - drugs factory

Operation Dweomer - defence - multi-handed £2bn conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine and to produce methamphetamine (crystal meth)

Spinola & Wright – prosecution - largest ever heroin seizure in the North of England

Qureshi - defence junior - £multi-million drug smuggling with European cross-border jurisdictional issues involving communications rogatoires and disclosure.

Other cases

SH – defence - people trafficking by solicitors

Khan – defence - successful opposition to the imposition of Serious Crime Prevention Order following conviction for supplying a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life to an organised crime group

Lockwood – defence - attempting to pervert the course of justice – successful attack on disclosure issues and the credibility of prosecution witnesses

Mahmud – defence - bigamy – legality of overseas marriage – ‘Niqa’. Subjective understanding and belief of the accused

Reported Cases

  • R. v Bogdal [2008] EWCA Crim 1 – definition of ‘public place’ 
  • R. v K (John) [2007] EWCA Crim 1339 – trials in absence, amendment of indictment, scope of cross-examination 
  • R. v Kumar [2004] EWCA Crim 3207 – genuine belief in age – defence in sexual assault - buggery


  • Fraud Act 
  • Recent legal developments ‘updater’ 
  • Proceeds of Crime 
  • 3rd Party disclosure and Public Interest Immunity 
  • Forced Marriage


"He is a member of various CPS panels, including those for rape, organised crime, fraud and proceeds of crime."

Legal 500 (2016)

‘A very smooth and capable advocate.’

Legal 500 (2017)