Simon Ross

Year of call 1999

Personal Injury

Practice Summary

Simon has a balanced practice acting for both claimants and defendants in connection with all types of personal injury claim.

He is regularly instructed to deal with the following types of claims, a high proportion of which proceed at multi-track level:


·         Road traffic accidents (including claims involving credit hire)

·         Employer's Liability

·         Public Liability

·         Occupier's Liability

·         CICA Claims

·         Claims involving animals

·         Fatal accidents

Occupational Illness claims

Simon is repeatedly instructed by firms nationally to act on Occupational Illness claims. He has experience dealing with the following types:

·         Deafness

·         Work-related upper limb disorders

·         Asbestos related claims

Medical Law

Simon advises in both dental and clinical negligence claims.

Professional Negligence

Simon practised as a solicitor until 2004 when he joined chambers. As a solicitor he specialised in professional negligence claims and has considerable experience dealing with solicitor's negligence claims arising from the conduct of personal injury litigation.

Notable Cases

·         W v I: Acted for claimant who suffered CPRS Type II affecting left fore-arm, wrist, hand and fingers. Claim settled at JSM for £215,000.

·         B v G: Acted for the claimant motorcyclist who suffered multiple injuries in a road traffic accident. Claim settled at JSM for £475,000.

·         L v K: Acted for the claimant pedestrian who had been knocked down and suffered knee and ankle injuries. Difficult causation issues arose regarding the onset of chronic pain symptoms. Settled at JSM for £300,000.

·         S v T: Acted for the claimant in an employer's liability claim. The claimant had suffered an ankle injury and had persistent symptoms following a Brostum repair. Secured a settlement offer at JSM of £250,000. Difficulties had arisen following surveillance evidence.

·         B v P: Advised the claimant in a complex solicitor's negligence claim. The underlying claim was an employer's liability claim in which the allegation was that there had been exposure to toxins that had triggered toxic encephalopathy, myelin damage, multiple sensitivity syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity and mobility problems. Complex medical causation issues and a vast amount of medical evidence to marshal that filled 12 lever arch files.

·         S v L: Alleged fraud ring claim in which the defendant at trial relied upon similar fact evidence arising from numerous allegedly linked claims.

·         B v O: Advised the defendant in a low velocity impact claim. Difficult issues arose regarding causation because the claimant had been diagnosed with a Chiari Type 1 malformation; a congenital abnormality of the brain.

·         L v P: Advised the claimant in a complex layered claim of solicitor's negligence. The underlying claim was one of clinical negligence concerning ante-natal care provided to a mother whose daughter was subsequently born with Goldenhar Syndrome. There were complex limitation issues and a possible claim for wrongful birth.

·         H v H: Clinical negligence claim concerning a negligently performed hip revision operation. Complex issues of causation.

·         B v C: Road traffic accident claim. claimant suffered a diffuse axonial injury to the frontal lobes of the brain. Issues arose concerning capacity applying the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which had to be determined at a contested hearing.


Simon has lectured on a variety of topics including:

·         Fraudulent claims

·         Low Velocity Impacts

·         Quantum in Noise Induced Hearing Loss cases

·         CPR Part 35 and Questions to Experts

Personal Information

Simon spends most of his limited leisure time enjoying the challenges of looking after his energetic young daughter and, occasionally, manages to make it to the gym to train for the Manchester 10km race which he enters most years. In 2011 he participated in The Great North Swim in Lake Windermere, but has no immediate desire to repeat the experience. For his next challenge, he hopes to take part in the Great Yorkshire Stair Climb.

Simon Ross


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