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CMA publishes Digital Markets Strategy

4 July 2019

Prof. Suzanne Rab

Zenith's Suzanne Rab writes:

The Competition and Markets Authority has published its Digital Markets Strategy which sets out how it aims to continue to protect consumers in rapidly developing digital markets, while fostering innovation. It also provides responses to some of the recommendations in the Digital Competition Expert Panel (the Furman Report).

The CMA has put forward five strategic aims: 1) using its existing tools effectively and efficiently; 2) building its knowledge and capability; 3) adapting tools to the digital economy; 4) considering the case and options for regulation; and 5) considering potential future remedies in digital markets.

The CMA has also set out seven priorities to guide its future workplan.  These include opening a market study into online platforms and digital advertising, and reviewing the CMA's mergers approach to digital markets. The CMA intends to increase cooperation with other international authorities when looking at digital competition issues.


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