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CMA sends statement of objections to Advanz Pharma

26 July 2019

Prof. Suzanne Rab

Zenith's Suzanne Rab writes: 

The CMA has issued a statement of objections to AMCo (now Advanz Pharma Services (UK) Limited), Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) Limited, Morningside Healthcare Limited and Morningside Pharmaceuticals Limited.

The CMA suspects that the companies have infringed the Chapter I prohibition and Article 101 TFEU by entering into anti-competitive arrangements for the UK supply of nitrofurantoin capsules.

The CMA alleges that under these arrangements, Alliance Healthcare would purchase equal volumes of the drug from each of the two suppliers.  The CMA also alleges that AMCo exchanged commercially sensitive information to Morningside to reinforce exclusivity arrangements.

The investigation echoes ongoing and previous probes by the CMA into arrangements between pharma companies which it believes deny tax-payers the benefits of effective competition.

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