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Civil Liability Bill Emerges Unscathed After Second Reading in The House of Lords on 24 April 2018

27 April 2018

Kelly Cronin

The Civil Liability Bill, which will bring in significant reforms for personal injury claims if it comes into force, had its second reading in the House of Lords on Wednesday this week.  It was debated for around four hours.  Despite criticism from several peers, the bill will move to the committee stage of consideration next month. 

Echoing criticisms of the proposed reforms prior to the bill’s introduction, there was comment on Wednesday that the proposals still lacked detail.  There was also speculation that the reforms would result in more litigants in person, something of particular concern to the already over-burdened court system and legal representatives who are increasingly required to oppose arguments from those who are ill equipped to put them forward.  There was also the suggestion that the bill lacked the teeth to force insurers to pass on savings to consumers. 

However, many peers spoke favourably of the bill.  It is reported that Lord Keen of Elie dealt well with questions during the debate.  Lord Keen stated that he would be willing to hear suggestions regarding improving the reforms. 

Legal professionals, insurers and claimants alike must now therefore await the result of the next stage of the bill’s progress through parliament.  It is fair to say that while the bill is moving ever closer to becoming legislation, the concerns of those who oppose the proposed reforms are, if anything, only increasing.

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