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Data Privacy: An Indian and international perspective

31 July 2018

Data Privacy: An Indian and international perspective

By Suzanne Rab,

Data privacy has risen up the Boardroom agenda for businesses internationally, with concerns such as cybercrime, data theft and scams to name but a few.  New legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU has focused the minds of individuals on their rights to protection against unwarranted intrusions into their privacy.

But the issues go beyond Facebook.  Policy-makers, legislators and regulators are still grappling with how to address data privacy concerns where protection for fundamental rights faces different cultural norms and expectations. 

In India, the nuclear family and other cultural factors which have traditionally blunted calls for greater privacy protection have given way to urbanisation and changing expectations. The growth of the internet and digitisation have fuelled the demand for greater protection of personal space.  The Supreme Court has asserted that the right to privacy is a fundamental right.

Against this background, the Government of India has set up a Committee of Experts under the chairmanship of former Supreme Court judge Shri B N Srikrishna. The final draft of The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 alongside the Expert Committee report was submitted to the government on 27 July 2018.  This represents a significant milestone in India’s data privacy journey as it seeks to strike a balance between the challenges and opportunities of the digital era and the need for privacy protection. 

Join Suzanne in New Delhi on 24 August 2018 when she will be speaking about data privacy and related areas of compliance and risk management against the emerging contexts.

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