Authors at Zenith

Gordon Exall 1991

Marisa Allman, 1998

•Co-author of "Children and Same Sex Families: A legal handbook" published by Jordans in March 2012 ( 

Louise McCallum, 2009

Justin Crossley, 1993

  • Justin Crossley & Anesh Pema "Anti-Social-Behaviour: The New Regime" (2015)

Andrew Francis, 1977

  • Rights of Light, The Modern Law, co-written with Stephen Bickford-Smith and Tom Weekes. 3rd Ed (2015)
  • Restrictive Covenants and Freehold Land - a Practitioner's Guide (Jordans) (4th Edn. 2013)
  • Rights of Light - The Modern Law (Jordans) (3rd Edn. 2015) (with Stephen Bickford-Smith and Tom Weekes)
  • Private Rights of Way (Jordans) (1st Edn. 2012) (with Stephen Bickford-Smith and others)
  • Inheritance Act Claims (Jordans) (looseleaf) (updated twice-yearly)
  • Contentious Probate Claims. (Sweet & Maxwell) (2004) (with Hedley   Marten) (New edition planned for 2016)


"His workload includes fraud, sexual offences, organised crime and murder."

Legal 500 (2015)

‘Extremely good with clients, putting them at ease.’

Legal 500 (2016)